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thursday, 22nd march 2018

Technologies & Operational Concepts

& Operational
& concepts
LNG tank &
evidence &
safety and risk assessment
SuAc 2.4: Technical evidence & safety and risk assessment

This sub-activity's objective is to provide a comprehensive expert evaluation of the existing or new LNG related technologies against a comprehensive set of criteria based on existing standards, and those newly identified within the scope of the project, or based on best practices. Furthermore, the adequate safety requirements, operational procedures / costs with respect to LNG and a general risk assessment methodology shall be elaborated, applied within trials and assessed.

Related deliverables
Download: D 2.4.1 & D 2.4.2 Safety and Risk Assessment
Part A: Operational Safety and Nautical Conditions
Part B: Risk comparison of different LNG Bunker Scenarios
Part C: Comparison of Risk Assessment Tools

Download: D 2.4.3 Case Study of Port of Rotterdam
Part A: Gap study on regulations
Part B: LNG bunkering map: local conditions and spatial planning
Part C: Incompatibily of intermodal LNG activities
Part D: Impact on terminals
Part E: Impact on passing vessels

D 2.4.4 Emergency and incident response study
Download: D 2.4.4_Emergency and incident response study (EN)
Download: D 2.4.4_Étude d'intervention en cas d'urgence et d'incident (FR)
Download: D 2.4.4_Studie zu Not- und Unfall- insätzen (DE)
Download: D 2.4.4_Nood- en incidentbestrijding studie (NL)