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thursday, 22nd march 2018


The overall coordinator of the Action is Pro Danube Management GmbH which is the service company of the Pro Danube International Association. Pro Danube International is a non-profit organisation that unites transport users, logistics service providers, barge and terminal operators as well as related industries which have a strategic economic interest in improved waterway infrastructure and better services on the Danube waterway. The members of PDI consider LNG as an important step to modernize the Danube fleet and as an attractive future cargo for the Danube. The co-ordination responsibility is shared with Port of Rotterdam, which is the main facilitator for all the Rhine related activities, whereas Pro Danube holds this role for the Danube. The responsibilities are assigned according to the regional focus and include individual core competencies.

Project Coordinator

manfred-seitz1211   Mr Manfred Seitz

LNG Masterplan Coordinator
Pro Danube Management GmbH

karpatyova-04-002   Ms Lucia Karpatyova

LNG Masterplan Project Manager
Pro Danube Management GmbH

me2-005   Ms Ruxandra Florescu

LNG Masterplan - Dissemination
Pro Danube Management GmbH


Coordinator Rhine Scenario

schoenmakers-victor-003   Mr Victor Schoenmakers

LNG Masterplan Contact Person
Port of Rotterdam

nico-van-dooren-groot4   Mr Nico van Dooren

LNG Masterplan Accountable Manager
Port of Rotterdam

janssen-ankie-003   Ms Ankie Janssen

LNG Masterplan Sub-Activity Leader
Port of Rotterdam


  Ms Simone Zwijnenberg

LNG Masterplan Consultant
PNO Consultants

jelle   Mr Jelle Paulusma

Coordinator Rhine Ports
Port of Rotterdam