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thursday, 22nd march 2018

Regulatory Framework & Masterplan

Framework &
Provisions for
& training
Assessment of
concepts, trials
& pilot

(strategy &

SuAc 4.1: Provisions for harmonised European regulations

The objective of this sub-activity is to deliver input for relevant regulatory bodies such as European Commission, CCNR, UN/ECE and national authorities addressing the technical, operational and safety aspects related to the transportation of LNG, to the use of LNG as fuel as well as to storage and handling operations with LNG. In order to define the workload of this sub-activity and the procedures for the integration of the work into the forthcoming regulatory processes, two meetings with CCNR, national authorities and industry representatives were organised at the beginning of 2013. It was decided that the LNG Masterplan shall address the areas of vessel specifications, the transport of LNG as dangerous cargo, the bunkering of LNG, police regulations, port regulations as well as the education & training of involved personal.

Related deliverables

Download:    D 4.1.1  Report on regulatory work (CCNR and ADN).
Integral Coordination Group for Regulatory Adjustments LNG

Download:   D 4.1.2 -4  Guidelines for Port regulations and best practice
LNG bunkering

Download:   D 4.1.3  Guidelines & recommendations on port regulations
are summarised in “D 2.4.1-2 Safety and Risk Assessment.
Part A: Operational safety and nautical conditions”

Download:   D 4.1.4  Guidelines & recommendations on police regulations
are summarised in “D 4.1.2-4 Guidelines for Port regulations
and best
practice LNG bunkering”

Download:   D 4.1.5  Guidelines & recommendations for emergency response
organisations are summarised in “D 2.4.4 Emergency and incident
response study”