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thursday, 22nd march 2018

Pilot Deployment

LNG Tankers
(LNG as cargo)
LNG propelled
(LNG as fuel)
LNG vehicles
& machinery
Activity 5: Pilot Deployment

The LNG Masterplan will contribute to the completion of the regulatory framework for LNG as fuel and cargo for European inland navigation and will kick off the first wave of investment in terminals and vessels. Based on the experiences of these deployments, a wide-scale deployment shall follow according to the strategy developed as part of the LNG Masterplan.

The pilot deployments cover LNG terminals, LNG carriers (LNG as cargo), LNG propelled vessels, both new and retrofitted, and LNG vehicles and machinery. The pilot deployments will be carried out both in the Rhine and the Danube region with the approximate investments into the LNG related part of the infrastructure and vehicles on the Danube amounting approx. 53 mil. EUR and on the Rhine region amounting approx. 57 mil. EUR.

The following pilot deployments are planned:

LNG Terminals
Bunker station - Port of Antwerp (Port Authority of Antwerp)
· LNG terminal in Ruse (Bulmarket DM Ltd.)

LNG Tankers (LNG as cargo)
Combined LNG – MGO tanker of Argos Bunkering B.V.
· LNG tanker of LNG E-Motion.
· LNG inland tankers of Chemgas Shipping B.V.
· LNG coastal carrier of Bernhard Schulte Cyprus Ltd.

LNG propelled vessels (LNG as fuel)
Container vessel of DCL Barge B.V.
· LNG pusher of Kooiman Marine B.V.
· LNG propelled chemical tanker of Chemgas Barging S.a.r.l.
· LNG propelled pushers of Navrom S.A. Galati
· LNG propelled chemical tanker of Bodewes Binnenvaart B.V.

 LNG vehicles & machinery
 · Combined LNG/CNG fuelling stations of Bulmarket Ltd.
 · LNG fuelled tank trucks of Bulmarket Ltd.