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thursday, 22nd march 2018

Pilot Deployment

LNG Tankers
(LNG as cargo)
LNG propelled
(LNG as fuel)
LNG vehicles
& machinery
SuAc 5.2: LNG Tankers (LNG as cargo)

This sub-activity will address the deployment of LNG inland tankers for transport of LNG. The technical design of the vessels and all work related to receive permits including risk assessment studies (HAZID) will be carried out by the implementing beneficiary under sub-activity 3.2 whereas the construction of the vessels as well as a limited period for start-up operations will be carried out under this sub-activity. Sub-activity 3.4 will contribute with regard to financing and business models, like in the case of the pilot terminals, sub-activity 4.3 will analyse the pilot deployments of the vessels.