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thursday, 22nd march 2018

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SuAc 6.4: Liaisons with relevant organisations / projects (European and global)

The objective of sub-activity 6.4 is to identify the most important initiatives and their stakeholders and to establish a regular exchange of information between them and the LNG Masterplan. This open interface shall enable the LNG Masterplan partners to maximise the input e.g. on most recent LNG technologies, innovative new technical concepts, successful implementation, etc. as well as to have available a maximum of exploitation opportunities. In addition to this technology and business focused exchange of information, the strategic cooperation with international organisations such as IMO, UN/ECE, ISO, CEN, SIGTTO, OCIMF, etc. for identified harmonization and standardisation issues is foreseen as task of this sub-activity. Co-operation with regard to environmental networks like ECOPORT and WPCI (World Port Climate Initiative) LNG working group will be also facilitated.