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thursday, 22nd march 2018

Framework & Market Analysis

& Market
Status quo
analysis &
LNG supply
LNG demand
Impact analysis:
safety, ecology
& socio-economic aspects
SuAc 1.1: Status quo analysis & trends

The objective of this sub-activity is to provide a detailed analysis and evaluation of the current LNG implementation status with specific focus to the maritime and inland water transport but also the development of LNG as road fuel. An overview of the relevant regulatory framework on European/ regional/national basis will be provided. A strong focus will be put on air emissions regulations which are a key driver for the interest in LNG. Sub-activity 1.1 shall ensure maximum take-up of existing Know how from previous and/or on-going projects (like DMA study and COSTA) in order to avoid duplication and to incorporate lessons learned. This sub-activity will also identify existing gaps and action points which will have to be handled throughout the course of the project to reach its objectives. With respect to trends for the use of LNG qualitative and quantitative calculations will be collected based on existing studies and business reports. Benchmarks will be defined as reference for demonstration of possible improvements considering the most common vessels and operation in the water borne transport.

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