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thursday, 22nd march 2018

Framework & Market Analysis

& Market
Status quo
analysis &
LNG supply
LNG demand
Impact analysis:
safety, ecology
& socio-economic aspects
SuAc 1.4: Impact analysis: safety, ecology & socio-economic aspects

The objective of this sub-activity is to provide a general assessment of the impact of the LNG as fuel and as cargo with regard to safety, ecology and socio-economic aspects. The work will take into consideration already existing studies and intends to consolidate most important information into a well-structured compendium which gives an easy access to the facts and figures together with the necessary background explanations. This compendium can be used also for the public debate on benefits and risks of LNG in inland navigation and will support a rational approach towards operations with LNG.

Related deliverables
Download: D.1.4.1 Impact analysis of LNG as fuel and cargo for inland navigation on safety, ecology and socio-economic aspects